Standing Defiant with Manchester

This is an expression of solidarity with the British people, who have been left reeling by the suicide attacks in Manchester. Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) condemns terrorism in all of its forms, with a special antagonism reserved for the evils of Islamic terror.

The Manchester attacks have left twenty-two people dead, with many more in a critical condition. These were innocent concert-goers, comprised of young women, children, and their parents. It takes dogma to see children as legitimate targets for brutality – in this case, the dogma of Wahhabi-Salafism, which dehumanises non-Muslims to justify their casual extermination.

We hold that the best way to respond to this atrocity is not by giving in to fear, but by affirming the universality of Enlightenment values: for it is precisely these values which jihadi terrorists seek to undermine. That most Britons do not accept Islam as the one true faith is enough for these animals to seek blood; this is expressed candidly by Anjem Choudary of ‘Muslims Against Crusaders’:

Look, at the end of the day, innocent people – when we say ‘innocent people’ we mean Muslims. As far as non-Muslims are concerned, they have not accepted Islam and as far as we are concerned that is a crime against God. (BBC Hardtalk, August 8th 2005)

In their good nature, many Westerners will conclude that the attacks must be the result of something they did, e.g. the intervention in Syria. They thus project their decency onto these Wahhabi-Salafi monsters, who couldn’t give a toss about innocent Muslims being killed, but are incensed about the impending defeat of their apocalyptic death cult. Indeed, if these people really cared about the welfare of Muslims in Syria, then they would be taking up arms against ISIS, who have been purging moderate Sunnis and Shi’a Muslims for years now. Their concerns are sectarian in nature, not humanitarian.

Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) extends it heartfelt support to the victims’ families. We recognise Salman Abedi for what he was: a resentful fanatic, whose actions betray a belief in the superiority of Islam and commensurate desire to restore it to its ‘rightful’ place over the kuffar West. To preclude a repeat of these events on Irish soil, we vow to expose those jihadist individuals and institutions known to be operating here, working with security authorities to further this end. We give no quarter to these savage beasts, who would sooner destroy the earth than make a positive contribution to it.

Ariana Grande

This is whom Islamofascists see as valid targets: young women attending a concert by Ariana Grande. Anyone who makes excuses for these murderers is an enemy of humanity, wherever they fall on the political spectrum.

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