As apostates, members of Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) are keen to share their stories with the general public. In doing so, we aim to smash the climate of intellectual fascism which surrounds Islam today, wherein any criticism of the religion is automatically deemed to be ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ by those who pander to the Muslim community. By relating our experiences as ex-Muslims and outlining the problems of Islam, we hope to give ordinary Irish people the confidence to openly voice their concerns about the faith. On this page, we thus feature videos by our members and close allies.


Islamic Supremacism | Part 6: The Jihadist Takeover (December 2020)

Islamic Supremacism | Part 5: Halal, Madrassas, Charities and Minarets (December 2020)

Islamic Supremacism | Part 4: Slavery, Migration and Rape Gangs (December 2020)

Islamic Supremacism | Part 3: Jihadism in Ireland (December 2020)

Islamic Supremacism | Part 2: 1,400 Years of Jihad (December 2020)

Islamic Supremacism | Part 1: The War on Science (December 2020)

Why He Left Islam? An Irish Ex-Muslim (Harris Sultan, December 2020)

Croke Park and Creeping Shari’ah (Grand Torino, August 2020)

Allah Revealed 7 Qur’ans for 7 Arabian Tribes (Faceless Talks, July 2020)

Reservations on Croke Park’s Use for Eid ul-Adha (Faceless Talks, July 2020)

Livestream with Nissar Hussain and Kareem Muhssin (Faceless Talks, July 2020)

‘Towards Eternity’ Islamic Channel Exposed (Faceless Talks, April 2020)

Muslims Promote Black Cumin as a Cure for Coronavirus (Faceless Talks, March 2020)

Muslim Goon Threatens UK While Spreading Coronavirus (Faceless Talks, March 2020)

The Islamic ‘Cure’ for Coronavirus (Faceless Talks, March 2020)

‘Amazing Miracle Of Islam’ Debunked (Faceless Talks, March 2020)

Azan is Noise Pollution and a Cause of Psychosis (Faceless Talks, March 2020)

The Persecution of Ex-Muslim Nissar Hussain (Grand Torino, February 2020)

Ex-Muslims of Ireland Defend Free Speech (Grand Torino, January 2020)

Free Junaid Hafeez Demo (An Scéal, January 2020)

Say ‘Yes’ to Life Because We Can (TEDx Dun Laoghaire, December 2019)

The Pakistani Education System and Radicalisation (ReThink, May 2019)

Former Muslims In Ireland (The Freethought Prophet, August 2017)

Exposing the Clonskeagh Mosque (July 2017)