Our Work

Alliance of Former Muslims primarily exists to advance the human rights of Ex-Muslims, both in Ireland and abroad. Indeed, a major part of our work is to assist those who seek to escape the tyranny of the Islamic world. To this end, we offer advice on how to obtain asylum in Europe and help to establish communication with larger secular organisations such as Humanists International. We are also happy to provide reference letters for Ex-Muslims who are already resident in Ireland.

The Alliance further exists to promote public awareness of the moral and intellectual failings of Islam. We are thus very active on Twitter and Facebook, and take part in regular interviews with independent media. We also place great importance on forming alliances with other freethinkers, and organise public demonstrations against the persecution of liberals and “blasphemers” in Muslim countries. On this page, we provide a timeline of major events in our group’s history.


July 2022: Pride In London

On July 2nd 2022, human rights activist and Alliance member Ahmed Sheikh took part in the Pride In London parade, joining up with Ali Malik, Maryam Namazie, and other members of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. This was a demonstration of our staunch support for the rights of LGBT people, with a special emphasis on those from a Muslim background. Indeed, the plight of the LGBT community in the Muslim world is extremely dire, as Islam mandates death for homosexuality, We oppose this, and maintain that #LoveIsNotACrime!



April 2022: Our second meeting with the CEMB

On April 19th 2022, human rights activist and Alliance member Ahmed Sheikh joined an inspiring talk and discussion by Sohail Ahmed, an Ex-Muslim and champion of LGBTQ rights, organised by Ali Malik. This talk outlined the efforts of British authorities working with Sohail to deradicalize Muslim youth in Britain. This was the latest effort of our support group to connect with a larger number of apostates based in the UK. Another social picnic will be held as the summer approaches, leading to further collaboration between us and the CEMB.



February 2022: Connecting with the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

On February 15th 2022, our spokesperson Kareem Muhssin and human rights activist Ahmed Sheikh met in London with Ali Malik and Khadija Khan, two inspirational figures within the Ex-Muslim community. Khadija delivered an informative talk on the rights of women under Islam, with Ali joining us for a few pints afterwards. This was our first meeting with the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, a watershed moment in our group’s five-year history. We look forward to collaborating with the CEMB on future projects.



September 2021: Reconnecting with Nissar Hussain

On September 18th 2021, our spokesperson Kareem Muhssin met with Nissar Hussain in the English countryside. Following on from our successful gathering in Dublin, this was another great meeting of minds between leading figures in the Ex-Muslim movement. Over the past five years, Nissar has done incredible work to raise awareness of our struggle. In the months ahead, as Covid-19 restrictions begin to be lifted, we will be hosting public events in conjunction with Nissar and other apostates.



December 2020: Connecting with Harris Sultan

On December 6th 2020, our spokesperson Kareem Muhssin was interviewed by Harris Sultan, author of The Curse of God and a leading light of the global Ex-Muslim movement. This was a major event in our history, serving to strengthen our ties with apostates worldwide. Through exchanges such as these, our members can raise broader awareness of the situation in Ireland, from the Clonskeagh Mosque and the Muslim Brotherhood to jihadist cells and student societies. Harris’ YouTube channel can be accessed via this link.



August 2020: Affiliation with Atheist Alliance International

On August 1st 2020, Alliance of Former Muslims became an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International, a global federation of atheist societies. It is our hope that, through our combined efforts, we can make great strides in normalising apostasy from Islam and advancing the nontheistic worldview. At a time when governments are increasingly in thrall to Islam, the need for international solidarity between freethinkers is more vital than ever. As an affiliate of AAI, the Alliance speaks for Ex-Muslims in Ireland and the United Kingdom.



February 2020: Hosting Nissar Hussain

On February 29th 2020, our members were proud to host Nissar Hussain in Dublin. Nissar is an outspoken Ex-Muslim from the United Kingdom, and head of the Legalise Apostasy campaign. For his efforts, Nissar has been almost bludgeoned to death by shari’a enforcers in Bradford, with his family being driven from their home under armed police escort. This was our first real engagement with our apostate brethren across the pond – a joyous occasion for all involved.



January 2020: Free Junaid Hafeez Demo

On January 11th 2020, our members held a demonstration in support of Junaid Hafeez, a Pakistani academic sentenced to death for blasphemy. We initially assembled outside Leinster House in Dublin, calling upon the Government of Ireland to abandon its proposed “hate speech” laws, which only serve to legitimise oppressive regimes like Pakistan. We then took our protest to the Embassy of Pakistan in Ballsbridge, demanding that Junaid be released immediately.

127 Raising


June 2019: No to Deportations Demo

On June 17th 2019, our members collaborated with Aggrieved Asylum Seekers of Ireland to organise a protest in Cork city centre against the failings of the Direct Provision system. This demonstration was held in response to the summary deportation of sixteen Pakistani asylum seekers from the country – including an Ex-Muslim atheist from our ranks. Over a hundred people turned out for this event, which was met with a largely warm reception from the general public.

Pic 4


October 2018: Free Raif Badawi Demo

On October 13th 2018, our members assembled outside the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Dublin city centre to protest the brutal detainment of Raif Badawi, a prominent campaigner for secularism and human rights in the Kingdom. This vigil was held in conjunction with Atheist Ireland, whose tireless efforts to abolish blasphemy laws must be recognised. John Hamill, head of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, can be seen holding up our banner in the first image below.