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Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) exists to empower Irish ex-Muslims and to raise awareness of the moral and intellectual failings of Islam. Our activities are not confined to social media or online forums, but rather include direct action on the ground. Indeed, public demonstrations against the mistreatment of liberal thinkers – both in the Islamic world and the West – form a major part of our work.

On October 13th 2018, a number of our members gathered outside the Saudi Embassy in Dublin to protest the brutal detainment of secularist campaigner Raif Badawi. This vigil was held in conjunction with Atheist Ireland, whose tireless efforts to abolish blasphemy laws must be recognised. John Hamill, who sits on the board of Atheist Ireland, can be seen holding up our banner in the first image below.

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On June 17th 2019, our members collaborated with Aggrieved Asylum Seekers of Ireland to organise a protest in Cork against the Direct Provision system. This demonstration was held in response to the deportation of several Pakistani asylum seekers – including an ex-Muslim from our ranks. Over 100 people turned out for this event, which was met with a largely warm reception from the Irish public.

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External Links

Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) often engages in radio interviews and other programmes. As apostates, our members are keen to share their stories with the general public. On this page, we provide links to our exchanges with the media and other material on Islam in Ireland.

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