Previous History

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

Herbert Spencer

Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) was originally established in the spring of 2016, under the simple title ‘Ex-Muslims of Ireland’ (EMI). Naturally, a major part of this endeavour was to set up a website, including useful links on Islam and human rights. One of these links was to a blog post concerning the Islamist threat in Ireland, written by Kareem – one of the founders of our group, along with Rananast, Mohammad Wajid, and others.

Unfortunately, within hours of setting up a Twitter account, a number of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) made it their mission to discredit us. They proceeded to scour Kareem’s blog for anything that could be used to smear the EMI as a whole. Eventually, they discovered a regrettable piece he had written about the Traveller and Romani communities many years ago, which employed hateful language. Perhaps the most egregious of these sentiments read as follows:

If people with Down’s syndrome could reproduce, and if that child were to be given a lobotomy, it would still be a more functional and more agreeable human being than this monstrosity.

Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) condemns such dehumanising statements in their entirety. As such, once the matter was brought to our attention, it was agreed that Kareem would leave the group for an extended period. We did not deem it necessary to expel Kareem permanently: for unlike SJWs, we actually allow room for personal development. Neither did we consider it a valid reason to disband the group, given that Kareem’s views were ultimately his own.

Indeed, while we completely abhor racism, we equally reject the notions of eternal damnation and guilt by association. We will not legitimise the actions of these SJWs, who exploit individual shortcomings to silence entire groups they deem ‘offensive’. Such behaviour only feeds into the greater fascism which surrounds us, i.e. the creeping menace of Islamism, whose proponents have exploited Western goodwill to sow the seeds of hatred and terror.

Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland) exists to empower ex-Muslims and to counteract the pernicious influence of Wahhabi-Salafism. Anyone who opposes this mission is an enemy of humanity, and ought to be identified as such. If these people really want to fight fascism, then let them focus their efforts on Islam, rather than harassing its victims. To quote the late Christopher Hitchens, who dispensed with these faux liberals in two short lines:

Members of the Left, along with the far larger number of squishy “progressives”, have grossly failed to live up to their responsibility to think: rather, they are merely reacting, substituting tired slogans for thought… How shady it is that our modern Leftists and peaceniks can detect fascism absolutely everywhere except when it is actually staring them in the face.

The Enemies of Reason


Above: two of the most flagrant offenders in undermining the rights of ex-Muslims. ‘’ (@sbprme) twisted our words to suggest that the EMI discriminates against those with mental health issues. Peter Ferguson (@Humanisticus) heavily promoted the summary equation of Kareem’s blog with the EMI, going so far as to suggest that Kareem was our only member. In employing this outrageous libel, he helped sabotage our efforts to create a safe space for apostates in Ireland.

Pictured below is an email sent by Kareem to Ferguson on November 12th 2016, asking for cooperation between the latter and the EMI. Although Kareem had agreed to leave the EMI for an extended period, it was nonetheless agreed among our members that, given his role in the controversy, it would be most fitting for him to extend the olive branch. Ferguson did not reciprocate at any point, and now pretends to be interested in dialogue.


Indeed, recent attempts at maintaining a dialogue with Ferguson have proven unsuccessful. All emails sent to have gone undelivered – including the two emails sent in July 2017, responding to Ferguson’s fury over his description on this page. The first of these was sent on July 25th 2017, a day after Ferguson published his attempted dox piece on the EMI, complete with Kareem’s surname and LinkedIn details. The second email was sent four days later:

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

From the delivery reports, we can see that in each case, the recipient server refused our requests to connect. It is unlikely that the problem is on our end, since emails to other recipients deliver without fail. This means that either Ferguson’s server is misconfigured, or he has blocked us. (Given that we can receive Ferguson’s emails but not vice versa, the latter is more probable.) Whichever is the case, the Alliance can hardly be accused of disengagement.

The modus operandi of the Regressive Left is to attribute the lowest conceivable motive to those who disagree with you, from ex-Muslims to sociobiologists. We deplore this approach, and have very little time for those who adopt it. Many of our members are having to subsist on €19.50 a week in Direct Provision, and are at risk of death for their disbelief. Needless to say, we have bigger fish to fry than these privileged offence-ferrets.